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July 30, 2005

And they say we'll have some fun if it stops raining

My husband and I are the type of parents who plan ahead for our daughter's summer...mainly because we both work full time and if she isn't in some type of program, she'll stay home all day and torment the cats.

Bear and Ducky on ZipingoKim's DeskOkay, she's a teenager now, so we're waaaayyyyy past the "gluing elbow macaroni onto paper plates" arts and crafts camp. We need quality ideas. And, since she's more mature...sort's a little bit easier to involve her in the selection of programs, which became a series of performing arts experiences this summer.

One of the best is run by a local theatre company that works with the fine arts department of a nearby university. Our teen comes home every day in a good mood and exhausted, which is pretty much why we enrolled her. We thought long and hard about putting her into this program. It was either this or "Brat Camp." (Just kidding.)

But the bottom line is, we always need new ideas for good summer camps for teens. We're even willing to stick our daughter on a plane to give her a memorable summer away from home...within limits, of course.

Which brings me to why I brought this up. We — that is, parents in the Zipingo community — want to know your tips on finding the best performing arts camps for creative high schoolers. Click on the Zipingo Community Forums tab then click on the link to Education and Child Care. And enter your comments under the Summer Camps topic.

~ ZipingoKim, Zipingo Beta Service and Support


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