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August 25, 2005

Discuss Amongst Yourselves

There's a new forum topic under "Discuss Zipingo." Please put in your two cents.

Zipingo Hat Label
When Mike Meyers (aka Austin Powers) was a cast member on Saturday Night Live, he starred in a recurring comedy skit called "Coffee Talk with Linda Richman." Character Linda's catch phrase was "Discuss amongst yourselves," which pretty much summarizes my role in moderating the Zipingo Community Forums. Every once in a while, I throw something out there for you to discuss, in the hope that we'll get something interesting going while I'm busy on other things.

Anyway, in the spirit of meshugenah talk show hosts, I'm inviting you to discuss the direction of this blog. I've created a new forum topic under Discuss Zipingo called "Zipingo Team Blog."

Don't be shy! If you have something to say about the blog -- good or bad -- let's get this discussion rolling. I'll be waiting patiently for your insights...and ready to put in my thoughts on the topic as well.

Looking forward to hearing from you soon!

P.S. I loved that skit, especially when Barbara Streisand showed up unannounced. By the way, can you tell that I like to reference popular culture? But I digress.

~ ZipingoKim


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