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August 11, 2005

An Ever-Evolving Zipingo Experience

Following the site's Beta release at the end of July, we received tons of user feedback. As a result, the development team made (and is continuing to make) several site enhancements, based on popular demand. Here's a random sampling of some changes that took place recently.

Zipingo coffee cup
1. Clickable Logos: The Intuit and Zipingo logos are now clickable -- just a minor change that improves site navigation and meets typical user expectations. The Zipingo logo takes the user home while the Intuit logo opens a window to the Intuit home page. That second link helps emphasize the site's ownership by Intuit. Sometimes it's the little things that count.
2. Homepage Site Stats: Oh, yeah. I already blogged about this on August 2. But just in case you missed it, the development team removed the underlining on these numbers until such time they can make “new ratings today in your area” a live link. Now they're more like an "F.Y.I." tidbit. No word yet on when they'll be clickable, but I'm keeping my fingers crossed.
3. Default Zip Code: The location search field defaults to a logged-in user's session zip code. Makes sense to me! Now I don't have to re-key it in.
4. Rate Another Business Button: On the rating “Thank You” page, there's now a button so the user can immediately "rate another business." This means the user can continue rating without having to click on a top-of-page tab. So the rating flow is getting smoother...
5. Session Length: This was modified to avoid timing out users too early. Some users' attempts to enter detailed ratings were thwarted when the system thought they had already "left the building." (Sorry about that Elvis reference, y'all.)

Sure, none of the changes I mentioned here are earth shattering developments, but it all adds up. I short list is just the tip of iceberg.

More and bigger changes are furiously in the works, all based on real comments from real users. And believe me, there's no end to the incoming e-mails with thoughtful observations and cool suggestions.

Yes, the Zipingo team reviews feedback daily, sorting, routing and prioritizing it for action. So stay tuned. There's more to come!

~ ZipingoKim, Zipingo Beta Service and Support


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