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  • The individuals who post here work at Intuit and are some of the best and brightest. The opinions expressed here, while probably right and certainly smart, are their own, and are not necessarily reviewed in advance by anyone but the individual author. Sometimes, the author is audacious and decides to post an opinion without a buddy reviewing it, and at other times, he or she may seek counsel of a friend. Regardless, these opinions do not necessarily reflect the view of Intuit or any other person or company. Although, since these people are smart to begin with, Intuit might agree with them - or might not.
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August 02, 2005

Hats Off to Zipingo

The beta release of a has started to generate some buzz, and we're all excited about its potential.

Employees at Intuit received their official Zipingo hats, stickers and decals last week, signaling the in-house launch of Note to Intuit employees reading this blog: if you didn't get yours, please don't e-mail me. I am not in charge of them!

Intuit Employees with HatsAnyway, customers will find out about the new site later this month. In the break room, Zipingo paper cups have mysteriously appeared. Thanks, Tom, for pointing it out to me. Sorry, reader, my digital camera is at home, so I'll have to show you a cup another day.

Meanwhile, the Zipingo team is working furiously to handle change requests to the newly launched site, which include fixing issues related to browser incompatibility, logging in, and ratings. We received a few thousand pieces of feedback — quite a response — from Intuit employees! One such comment was about the home page. The stats looked clickable, but they weren't. Duh-oh! Well, that's been cleared up...the underlining has been removed for now to eliminate the confusion. And by the way — you can click on the images in this blog to enlarge them.

Personally, I've gotten lots of feedback on the FAQs, which I'm in the process of re-writing. Looks like this is an ongoing project. As my teenager would type..."Kewl!"

~ ZipingoKim


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