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October 10, 2005

Hide and Seek with Quicken 2006

Since I see all the customer feedback, I've noticed a few users who aren't too enthused about the Zipingo blue star in their Quicken 2006 register.

As one user put it, "I didn't rate because...I don't want this function." Well, all righty then! Not everyone is sold on rating through the register, for whatever reason. These folks might like to visit separately on the Web or not at least for now. (O.K. I'm the eternal optimist...)

And I do realize that the majority of users use only a small percentage of software features on an ongoing basis. Hey, that's what preferences are for. Every software manufacturer includes user preferences to some degree, for good reason.

More to the point...if the appearance of a blue star and rating link in your checkbook register annoys you or you simply don't want it there, turn it off. It's just that easy. Here's some help.

To hide or turn off the Zipingo ratings options in Quicken 2006:

Click on the Edit menu
Click "Preferences" then "Quicken Program."
In the left pane ("Select preference type"), click Register.
In the right pane ("Select preferences"), locate "Register appearance."
To hide the Zipingo blue star, click/uncheck the "Show rate payee button" box.
To hide the "Rate your payees" link under your register, click/uncheck the "Show rate payee link."
Click on OK.

Still, I'd love to have hundreds of thousands of quality reviews on the site as soon as humanly possble. But rating is a choice, an option, not a requirement. Besides, I (and the rest of the Zipingo team) want to attract quality reviews by users and for users. So there's no way we're going to trap you with this feature, because that attitude doesn't serve anyone's interests.

I must admit, I'd love for tons of new users to join in the Zipingo community. Maybe you will participate but you might want to be a lurker first....that is, go to the forums, read a few reviews, etc. Maybe you won't participate at all, but you might change your mind later. Who knows?

One thing's for sure -- I want you to feel confidence in your use of our Web site and of our software. That said, if you do hide the Zipingo feature in your copy of Quicken, I hope you'll eventually reconsider and give Zipingo a least once. And let me know what you think.

I'm listening.

~ ZipingoKim


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