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July 14, 2006

Zipingo Gets a Face Lift

You may have noticed that Zipingo looks quite a bit different.  Read on to find all the gory details.

The Zipingo site has improved dramatically since we launched a year ago. A new design is in place and with it, improved navigation and faster searching. Just go to the home page and start browsing the categories and you’ll see what I mean.

Your search results are returned much quicker now. If you're using Firefox with the installed, you'll notice that our "Browse by Category" search is averaging 5.0 seconds or less. Of course, larger categories -- like Restaurants -- are always going to take a bit longer, due to the number of business listings.

So what else changed? A year ago, we launched the Zipingo site with an application server environment called Jetspeed. After a year of wrestling with it, we decided Jetspeed was not the best choice for our needs. Last month, Zipingo moved from Jetspeed to the more streamlined (pronounced Jay Boss). Like Jetspeed, JBoss also uses Apache technologies, but some advantages include better load balancing and more flexibility.

I hope you'll stop by the newly relaunched and check us out. If you haven't been here in a while, enjoy our new features, like keyword searching and mapping. And while you're at it, rate a business and help your community.



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