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August 11, 2006

I'm Off to See the Wizard...

We just added a new feature to Zipingo: the Latest Rating Portlet. It appears on your Home Page when you are signed on. What's a Portlet? Well, basically it's a Java-based Web component that generates content dynamically. In this case, the Latest Rating Portlet displays the latest local business review, in your choice of location. And it includes a link to the company details so you can read the entire list of ratings for that company.

Latest Rating Portlet on ZipingoI'll share a few technical details, so you understand how it selects what to display. To select a review to display, we set the default at 10 miles from the city center or zip code. And the featured review has to have at least 50 characters. Now if Zipingo can't find a review with a large enough comment, it expands the search to 50 miles. If you reside in some small, out-of-the-way area, Zipingo may not always find ratings where you live. If no rating is found within 50 miles, then the Latest Rating Portlet doesn't get rendered at all…which is a good thing, because who needs a blank box on the page anyway?

Now here's the exciting news. Your next review could be featured on the Home Page for your city. The Latest Rating Portlet displays new reviews in reverse posting order. So if you add a business rating and it meets the display criteria, your submission should appear in the Portlet immediately, depending on how much traffic your chosen city gets. The review will remain featured until the next Zipingo user in that area adds another review.

Check it out by adding a rating and reloading your city's home page. Your rating should now appear in the Portlet.

~ Evelyn R.


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